101 Fun & Friendly Email Sign-Offs

Because signing-off every email with “best” just isn’t going to cut it.

Not if you want to land clients, gain a loyal following, or you know… have subscribers actually read your content. Because in an inbox full of “thanks” or (sadly) “sent from my iPhone,” no one wants to read another boring email!

Closing with something memorable won’t just make you stand out but also give you one last chance to make your audience feel special. One final opportunity to make your readers laugh, smile, or relieve their concerns.

And I get it! It’s not that you don’t want to sign-off your email with something great. It’s just that you find yourself drawing a blank – and reverting to a simple “regards.” Fortunately for you (and for me), I went a little overboard and put together this list of 101 totally fun and conversational email sign-offs.

This list was made for you if:

  • Your brand voice is friendly, relatable, or cheerful.
  • You’re tired of your emails sounding like they were written by a secretary behind an outdated computer screen.
  • Or if use email marketing to send out valuable newsletter content, promotions, or brand updates to subscribers.

*drum roll*

Ok, now the part you’ve been waiting for.

101 Fun & Friendly Email Sign-Offs

  1. [Your Name] out—
  2. Here’s to great [niche phrase],
  3. Talk soon!
  4. May your coffee be extra strong today,
  5. Off to binge an entire series on Netflix,
  6. Round of applause for [discount/special offer],
  7. Peace, love, & [niche phrase],
  8. Stay tuned,
  9. Hugs from [location],
  10. Sound good? 
  11. Have a great day – not just a good day, [for the Alabama Rushtok’ers! ifykyk]
  12. See you on the inside,
  13. Have a beautiful [day of the week]!
  14. Catch you soon,
  15. See you in there!
  16. Let’s make good things happen,
  17. I’m here for you, friend!
  18. Chat soon!
  19. Always love,
  20. Cheers,
  21. It’s going to be fun around here,
  22. Let’s do the damn thing!
  23. Your friend in this,
  24. I can’t wait to hear from you!
  25. Together in [niche phrase],
  26. Don’t be a stranger,
  27. Take care (no but really, it’s a mess out there)
  28. Laters!
  29. B4N,
  30. LOL (That’s “lots of love.” I would never laugh at you!)
  31. Gotta bounce,
  32. Peace out, girl scout!
  33. Show’s over,
  34. Keep in touch,
  35. Gotta go,
  36. Bye Bye Bye! (*cue *NSYNC hands*)
  37. Bye for now,
  38. Keep on keepin’ on,
  39. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk!
  40. TGIF!!
  41. Stay Gold, Ponyboy.
  42. Stay rad,
  43. Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight! 
  44. Alrighty then,
  45. Cya,
  46. Laters baby,
  47. Alright, alright, alright, 
  48. Stay hydrated,
  49. I said what I said –  
  50. May the algorithm be ever in your favor, 
  51. Cool beans?
  52. You’re a rockstar,
  53. You’re the best!
  54. From my couch,
  55. *High five*
  56. *Fist bump*
  57. Stay blessed. Not Stressed,
  58. Audi 5000,
  59. Take care and talk soon,
  60. Here when you need me!
  61. You got this!
  62. Stay awesome, 
  63. Later, Vader!
  64. See you in the inbox,
  65. Au revoir!
  66. You know the vibes,
  67. Warmly (unlike the coffee I keep having to reheat)
  68.  I’ll be in touch,
  69. Many thanks,
  70. Best (really, you are!)
  71. Spooky regards, [obviously don’t pull this one out in July]
  72. That’s all, folks!
  73. Your’s truly, Lady Whistledown, AKA… (Don’t tell me you didn’t binge it too!!)
  74. You’re a gem,
  75. Over and out,
  76. Cheerios!
  77. TTYL,
  78. You’re the bee’s knees!
  79. Fueled by 
  80. Get that bread,
  81. Mic drop,
  82. Ciao!
  83. Thanks a million,
  84. Your friend,
  85. More later,
  86. Onward and upward,
  87. Enjoy, friend!
  88. Gotta boogie!
  89. Your [niche] bff,
  90. Until next time!
  91. Smiles,
  92. Here’s to a fabulous [weekday]!
  93. Carpe diem!
  94. G2G, bye!
  95. Your fav [niche]
  96. Typed on tiny keys, just for you!
  97. Walking on sunshine,
  98. Keep fighting the good fight,
  99. Don’t forget to [action]!
  100. Happy everything,
  101. Let me know if you’re interested!

Annnnd that’s a wrap! (Wait… is that another good one?)

I hope this list gives you some new inspiration to spice up your email closings. Drop any others you have in the comments below, so we can add more to our list!

With love & pencil dust,

Tori (you see what I did there??)

101 Fun and Friendly Email Sign-Off Ideas to Use Instead of "Sincerely" or "Best"

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